On the 30th of November, 2013, we, the Firefox Student Ambassadors of Sathyabma University, had the very first meet-up.

Apart from me, 6 other Firefox student ambassadors of Sathyabama University had attended the meeting. The other FSA’s who attended the event were

  • Achyuth K P
  • Balaji S
  • Nikhil Patel
  • Chintu Phillips Koshy
  • Sathya
  • Shashank Gaikaiwari

I gave an introduction about Free and Open Source Softwares. An introduction about what Mozilla is. This was illustrated simply with a video from the Mozilla website which can be found here.

Since most of the FSA’s were already familiar with, or should I say, experts in computers, they needed very less explanation.

The FSA’s of Sathyabama University are more into web development, and Computer security.

Sensing their interest, I quickly moved on to explain more about the products of Mozilla that might interest them.

I gave them a gist about what Thunderbird is, and few of its applications.

I quickly moved on to Webmaker since time was really ticking away. Since most of us were web developers,
Mozilla Thimble was really something that caught everyone’s attention.

We were so accustomed to using Coffee Cup for web development that when we found it to be a pretty light weight alternative which was fast, efficient and easy to use.

Later that day, I gave them an introduction about the PopcornMaker. Since we we’re not much into video editing and remixing, popcorn maker seemed like an easy way to make or Remix videos.

I’d also mentioned about the X-ray goggles. This seemed more fun than editing HTML templates during web designing.

We had lot of fun remixing the websites and playing around in all possible ways.

I knew that when the technical stuffs were done, I had to finish off by giving an introduction to Mozilla WebFWD. Two of the FSA’s present, wanted to begin their own startup companies. I told them about the Aim of Mozilla WebFWD and the possibilities of being accepted into the program and be trained by them.

We later started on with out Student App of the Month contest. We prepared a lot of Tutorials on the MDN .

We also planned for the arrangements and requirements for the upcoming MozMania Chennai, which is being organized by Sathyabama University on 18th of December.

I would like to thank a few people whom I feel indebted to for supporting me to start contributing to such a wonderful community.

Firstly, Gauthamraj: He, inspite of his busy schedule, found time to reply to my initial queries on how, when and where to start contributing towards Mozilla.

I then came across two people, friends and brothers now! Sujith and Naresh. Over time now, I’ve become pretty close to these two individuals, thanks to Mozilla.
It’s great to learn from one’s experiences they say. It’s even greater to chat with these people and get to know more about the community and on how I can play a role.

They sure have stood by me and have responded to all my queries in the busiest of times.
Sorry guys for troubling you during exams. I shall continue to do the same 😀


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