MozBooth Planning

The Mozillians from Sathyabama University met at CCD in PTC to discuss and plan about the MozBooth that is going to be set up at Sathyabama University for the IEEE symposium called Silicon’14.
Below is the poster designed for the MozBooth:

MozBooth Poster

We have also designed a Facebook cover picture to our supporters who wish to publicize the event and make it a success:

MozBooth Cover picture

The meeting started at around 11:30 am on February 1st.
The agenda of the meeting was to discuss and plan about the proceedings at MozBooth.

We were informed by the reps helping us (Sujith and Naresh), that we would be given sign up links which would help us analyze the success of the event by getting more contributors.

We planned on where to set up the booth so that we could reach out to more people.
Few slides to be prepared which would serve as an introduction to the Mozilla mission as well as WoMoz.
The most important part being, how can one contribute to Mozilla.

Planned to create a google docs link and provide support and assistance to people who are new to contributing to Mozilla.

We also planned to ask people to post on Sathyabama Firefox Club Facebook page if they have any queries or suggestions and feedback about the event.

We plan to give a small lecture on the FSA program so that students could get to know where to start from .

Some other things that were discussed were:
Creating a Mozillians profile.
Creating a Persona account.
Reporting Bugs on Bugzilla.

We all had a good time with discussions on Mozilla and the food and beverages from CCD.

Thanks to the employees of CCD near PTC-Chennai to have tolerated us and allowed us to sit and discuss for around 3 hours.

We departed by giving them few badges of Mozilla and they were really happy at the unexpected gift.

Hope the event goes well on 6th and 7th of February.

Here is the flickr link to the images:

Event Link on reps portal :


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