MozBooth at Silicon’14

The announcement for Silicon 14, a national level technical symposium conducted by IEEE Sathyabama University Student Branch came out to the office bearers of the university. Me being one of them, took pride in being involved with IEEE and having got an opportunity to be an organizer of Silicon 14.
I’ve always envied the seniors when they used to roam around during Silicon wearing white shirt, black pants and blazers. Having the IEEE id cards, they walk around, unquestioned in the whole college.
It’s our turn now.
During the discussion of the events, the CSE department had taken events like Programming contest and Android app development contest. A week of preparation went by. Suddenly I had an idea!
Why not include Mozilla in it!?
It would be a publicity for both I thought. IEEE, the name is just enough to attract professionals, and Mozilla, the name is just enough to attract attention of people in general.
Something that would publicize the other.
The volunteer FSA’s from Sathyabama University met at CCD on Feb 2 to discuss and plan about the event.
We decided to set up a booth for Mozilla and decided to name it MozBooth.
Here is the link to the planning event:
The planning part was done and we decided on the venue as well as how the Booth would function in general.
It would be injustice on my part if I did not mention the crucial role played by Naresh, the Mozilla representative from Chennai, who supported me for all my events and always backed me up with confidence and asking me to go forward. This goes to you Naresh for arranging the swags and other stuff for the booth even though it was at a short notice.
The day before the MozBooth, we were all equally excited! Majority of the planning was done on the day before the event on Whatsapp.

I know I’ve got a really bad handwriting .This one being our first booth, and probably the first one in Chennai that went on for 2 days.

As soon as the booth was set up at around 10 am, we had a large number of students rushing in to know more about what Mozilla was doing there.

The banners and standee provided a lot of visual attention which made people inquisitive of what was happening there.

Naresh started over the session with Firefox OS and developing for Firefox.

Shashank took over the session about Webmaker tools like X Ray Goggles, Thimble and Popcornmaker.

Damini told the girls about WoMoz and how to contribute to Mozilla.

I handled the session about the Mozilla Community, Products of Mozilla, How to contribute to Mozilla and about FSA and ReMo.

WoMoz being a crucial part, was handled by Damini. The main motive of spreading awareness about WoMoz in our booth was to get more contributors to WoMoz and getting Women involved in contributing to Mozilla.

We had many queries related to Localization since most of the contributors who signed up would like to translate to their local language. The others queries were about FSA’s and the ReMo program. Some of the developers expressed their interest in using MDN and trying to compile and develop Firefox on their own.

The team taking a break during lunch.

Apart from students, even some of the professors came to visit the stall attracted by Mozilla.
Here is one such professor.

Here are some of the reviews we got about the MozBooth on the first day.
It was awesome to read everything and be proud that we actually made a huge impact on our very first day.

Here is the team that worked for the success of the event proudly displaying the feedback.

Tired and exhausted Mozillians go back after closing the booth on day #1 with sheer happiness and determined to make it even bigger the next day.

DAY #2
After the success of the event on the first day, we were really happy and had very high expectations the next day.
For the second day, we were told to change the venue of our event because of another event called Brainiac which was organized by CSE Department on the same day.
We shifted the booth to another location the same instant.
We were happy to have a wider range of audience today since we had school kids coming to the university for Brainiac.

The second day,
I handled the session on Mozilla products, getting involved and contributing and FSA and ReMo.

Damini and Shashank explained about Webmaker

Nikhil explained about Firefox OS to the students

Achyuth told about developing for Mozilla and about Appmaker. He also showed them demo’s of Popcornmaker.

Jerald told about SuMo and the Army of Awesome.

School kids who came to know more about Mozilla. They were really excited to get goodies from Firefox especially the badges and stickers.

Thanks to all the people who took time to write a feedback about MozBooth.

Noteworthy mentions:

The volunteers at the booth belong to various states and so it was really easy for us to communicate with the students. Some students had a tough time getting some concepts in English, so we explained to them in their local language.
Mostly it was Tamil,Telugu an Hindi, but we also had explained to some in Malayalam and Gujarati as well.

I stand #5 on the Army of Awesome page and when the students were shown this, they were pretty motivated see that and to learn how easy it is to get started.

Small issue we faced:
Since the booth was conducted during college timing, the students were allowed to go out of class only during break timings. Hence students couldn’t spend a lot of time with us because they had to go back to class.

Statistics and figures:
Day #1:
We had 20+ signups
65+ interested in FSA as well as contributing and volunteering
100+ audience on the first day.
Day #2:
120+ interested in contributing and volunteering for Mozilla.
150+ audience on second day.

What we noticed:
Most of them were interested in Educating and Localization works. This was followed by SuMO and AoA and then comes Development.
Most of those who chose development were PG students doing their MCA or M.Tech.
Everyone had a common interest in knowing about the FSA program.
Some were also interested in the WebFwd program for Start ups.
The WoMoz initiative spread around by word of mouth and it was also a huge success with more and more people asking Damini on how to get involved with WoMoz.

I would once again like to thank my entire team for supporting and helping me make this a reality.
This is one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had in my life.
7th Feb of 2014, thou shalt be cherished forever.

Event link on Reps portal:
Event photos on flickr:
Day 1:Day 1 flickr
Day 2:Day 2 flickr


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