Mozilla @ Aurganon2k14

On 21st of February, the Sathyabama Firefox Club organized a workshop at Aurganon 2k14, a symposium conducted by IT department of SRM University, Chennai.

We had around 50 participants for the event.

The session started off at around 12pm in the afternoon. We are thankful to Naresh for believing in our club and giving us this opportunity.

I handled the first session by giving an introduction about FOSS.

Later, moved on to explain about Mozilla-the organization, the products and how people could get involved.

I was amazed to see the reaction of students when I told them that even Non Technical people could get involved with Mozilla.
Since the students did not interact by asking questions, I had to ask them a number of questions and get a count of hands for each question.

The second session was taken by Damini. It was about WoMoz!

Women in Mozilla! The crowd cheered when Damini told them what WoMoz stands for. It was really nice to see all the girls get really enthusiastic!

She asked them many questions like why aren’t women more involved in Open Source, why is there such a big gap between the two sexes, Why does it take this much time for even a small percentage of increase in number of female contributors. All this gave rise to many new ideas and thoughts by the students.

She gave examples of many famous people in the tech world who are women.

Naresh gave insights about Firefox Clubs and FSA’s to the students.

The third session was one of my favorite tools; the Webmaker!
This session was handled by Achyuth and Shashak, two awesome FSA’s.

Achyuth started off the session with a presentation about Webmaker. He covered topics such as why webmaker is important and web literacy. Then he moved on with tools like thimble, popcornmaker and X ray goggles.

He showed them the demos of Popcornmaker and some of the events and functions it could perform.

Shashank took over the session in a while and he demonstrated X ray goggles and Thimble.

He first showed them how to hack and remix and later called a volunteer on the stage and asked him to do it.

The volunteer was really excited to create hacks using X Ray goggles.
Later, he was asked to explain how it was.

The last session was on Firefox OS. Thanks to Naresh for bringing his device so that we could show the students and also pass it to everyone.

The last session was taken by Shashank and Nikhil.

They spoke about what sets Firefox OS apart from the others and what it can do.
They also spoke about its internal structure too.

Students were really happy when they got many firefox goodies and swags.

Post session, we took a group photo with all the participants.

Many approached Damini asking her on how to join WoMoz and all about it.

We winded up and left to the station to board train to go to Khammam for KidZilla.

Event link on reps portal:
Flickr link:
Thanks to Gautham, Sayak and Komal from Mozillia India for hepling us with resources.


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