KidZilla 1.2 at St Joseph’s High School,Khammam

On 22nd February 2014, we the Mozillians from Sathyabama Firefox Club, went to St.Joseph’s High School in Khammam as a part of our KidZilla initiative. We were all really excited after the grand success of our previous event.
Though really tired after the event at SRM, we managed to get our spirits high and from Chennai to Khammam.
Our train was at around 7 in the evening on 21st.
The team:

  • Damini- Our very active WoMoz from the region
  • Shashank- Webmaker enthusiast
  • Achyuth- Webmaker enthusiast
  • Satya- Firefox OS geek
  • Nikhil- Firefox OS geek
  • Jerald- Teachtheweb enthusiast and the “shooter”

We reached Khammam at around 3:30 am in the morning, rushed along to the Hotel to get some quality sleep.

On 22nd Morning, at around 9 am, we reached the school.

The team walking towards the school.

We received a warm welcome from the senior staffs in the school.

Since we had a really tight schedule, we had to start off with the event almost immediately. We were surprised to see that the students were already made to assemble in the auditorium and were waiting for the session.

Ms.Roselin requested the students to pray before the event, as is customary in the school.

After the prayer, she started off by introducing Nikhil, an alumni of the school.

She then welcomed each one of us on to the stage and told about the session to the students. I started off the session by asking thanking Ms.Roselin.

I was really amazed seeing the number of kids in front of me who were really attentive and interested to hear more. I was to find out that there were about 300+ students in the auditorium at that moment.
We planned to conduct it in two phases;
One common session for all the 300 students about the basics of computing and then a classroom session for 7th and 8th grade separately so that we could give more attention and teach them in a better way.

I asked them some basic questions about Computers so that we could decide on how to approach the students and what could be taught to them. The crowd consisted of students from 7th and 8th grade.
We had already gone through their Computer Textbook to see their present syllabus.

Some of the main questions that I focused on were:

  • What is a Computer?

Uses of a computer-Components of a Computer-Hardware & Software-Input devices-Output devices

  • What is an Operating System?

Types of Operating System-Open Source where you could modify the software and it’s functionality.

The students were really enthusiastic in answering the questions.

When they saw us giving swags and goodies to the active ones, they were more and more interested in interacting with us and answering our questions.

We had a lot of girls among the attendees and that made our WoMoz-Damini, very happy.

Initially, only the boys were answering the questions and were interacting, but soon, after a bit of motivation, even the girls came up to interact and give some wonderful answers and get goodies.

The session was really interactive with the students asking us a lot of questions.
They asked me about the Firefox logo on my Tshirt and stuffs.

The second session was taken by Achyuth.

Some of the topics that he covered were:

  • What is Internet?

Uses-Educational purposes-How it works

  • What is a Network?

Different types of network-LAN-MAN-WAN

How different websites work.
He asked the students various questions including how data is fetched from the internet when we search something on Google.

The last common session was taken by Damini.
The topics she covered were:

  • How to access the internet?

What are web browsers-what are webpages-different types of web browsers- Firefox

  • Why use firefox and we are from Mozilla

Due to lack of time, we had to end the common session and proceed with the separate session in the classrooms.

In the classroom sessions, we initially started off with 7th grade and then moved on to 8th.
We had 3 classrooms allotted in each 7th and 8th,and the team split into groups of 2 and went to each class.

In the classroom session, we asked the students about HTML.
We came to know that they did not know anything about HTML apart from the definition. We moved on to teach them HTML from the basics-right from the tags, to changing background colour of a webpage.

Once the got the concepts of HTML and webpages, we told them about Webmaking and the different tools of webmaker like Popcorn, Thimble and X Ray Goggles.

The kids were amazed seeing the wonderful things X Ray Goggles could do.

We also had a small session on Paper prototyping.

After the classroom session, we all departed for lunch. It was session for students from 7th and 8th grade. So they left the school after our session. They told us that they really enjoyed the session.
The kids asked us for our autographs and also our Facebook id’s.
It was a bit emotional when they asked us “Can you come again?”.

Post lunch, we had a 45 minutes session for the students of 9th grade. The students had exam in the morning and came in the afternoon to attend our session.

Since it was a fairly shot session, we covered the basics of HTML and told them more about Mozilla and Firefox.

We also told them about Firefox OS on mobile phones.

Session for teachers:
Our visit to the school had a very strong purpose this time. It was to initiate a Webmaker School Club.
Having had several discussions with Emma Irwin, an awesome Mozillian who initiated Webmaker School Club concept, we found ways to collaborate KidZilla and Webmaker School Club in a way that KidZilla would be a one day session on basics of webmaking and it’s importance. If the school likes the concept, they could initiate a Webmaker School Club in their school. This would be supported by local Mozillians or computer enthusiasts who are interested in helping with this initiative.

For starting something like this, we found it necessary to educate the teachers about the importance of such an initiative.
Here is a Popcorn make about the entire session for the teachers:
Alternate link on youtube:

Here is a feedback by the teachers about our initative:

Here is the agenda for the teachers session:

We would like to thank St.Joseph’s High School for inviting us to conduct an event and also for being interested in starting a Webmaker School Club.

The team would also like to thank Nikhil for arranging everything from the logistics to the transportation and accommodation.

It would be incomplete if a team does not thank Shashank, Shashank’s mom for arranging such varieties of wonderful and delicious food and allowing the team to stay at home. 😛

I would like to thank all the Mozillians who contacted me or the team to volunteer for KidZilla or to start an initiative as such in their school.
We’re currently working on a structure that could facilitate the expansion of KidZilla and Webmaker School Clubs.
Please watch out for more updates.
If you’re impatient like me, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Event link on reps portal:
Flickr link:

PS: I miss Flash 😥


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