MozCafe Chennai

The day started off in a rush. We hurriedly dressed up 6th July, a Sunday morning, to make it to the venue on time just because I promised chocolates for the ones who reach early. Myself, Sujith and Jerald went to Achyuth’s house to pick him up. Yes, the kid needs to be picked up.
We went to his house since it was really close to our meeting venue- Cafe Coffee Day.
Fortunately, his mom gave us chocolates, by word was kept that there would be chocolates for the ones who reach early. We then came to know that Damini and Naresh reached, so we moved to pick them. Naresh was totally surprised to see Sujith along with us because THAT was a surprise!
1 (35)
We then moved to CCD to see Franklin, Subhash & Bharat were already there. Soon Daniel, Shashank and Jayanth also joined us and we started the session.
We started with a round table introduction of each of the members present. Without wasting much time, we discussed over the plans to get the Chennai community more active. We planned for the Hive Makerparty and the discussions were already underway. The planning had already begun.
1 (36)
Sujith shared his experience on Community Building and the new FSA’s were totally excited to hear more about it.
1 (8)
Naresh told us about Firefox OS and app development. He told us his plans for Mozilla Chennai as a community which is growing day by day. And then the boys started playing and posing.
1 (22)
I showed them the Super awesome Firefox OS tablet that I had received from the TCP and also told them to watch out for the next phase of the giveaway and encouraged them to contribute more and perhaps apply for the tablet.
1 (29)
Damini told us more about conducting more events focusing on WoMoz(Women in Mozilla) and her plans on Women centric events.
Achyuth and Shashank, the super awesome webmakers from the community, told the FSA’s more about Makerparty and the general idea behind it and also encouraged them to do more stuff and earn the super cool badges.
1 (26)
I added on somethings about One and Done and testing so that the FSA’s got an idea about what it is and how it’s done.
1 (20)
Indeed a resourceful meet over coffee, chocolates and more.
1 (14)
Thanks a lot people-Super Sunday with a super selfie
1 (23)
Group pic posing

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Franklin’s blog:


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