[Day 2] Maker party Chennai

Maker party Chennai!
Finally, the much awaited day has come! It was the 14th of September.
Woke up with all tiredness from the previous day to see that we were late. Thank God we had the bike with us! Home to venue-30 minutes..Vroom Vroom!
As I entered, I saw something that really caught my attention. The Maker party Chennai banner.

I rushed to the venue just to make sure things were all set. I was really happy to see all the volunteers busy working to set the stalls,stations, lights, sound system. Having seen the venue one day before, honestly I had no idea that it would be like this on the day of the event. Kudos to the amazing job done by the volunteers.
Although many stations started by 10:30 am, everything was fully functional from 11 am.
You could find the list of stations here:
The first station was the Chain Reaction and Magic tricks station. We had Himanshu and his super awesome volunteers who were running this station.
This station welcomed people with a card trick and a chain reaction that was triggered by user input and it would print the name of the person.
Here is a video of how it went:

There were a lot of people who were fascinated by the Chain Reaction and many more who were pestering him to know the card trick. So we’re an Open community and we don’t keep any secrets! Himanshu was kind enough to tell people some of the tricks and even taught them some small tricks.
The Appmaker station was handled by Vishwaprasath and Nikhil.

This station had a large number of students who were interested in making apps and were super interested to hear more about Firefox OS and have a demo of the devices. Most of them were using Firefox OS for the first time and were pretty impressed by the Intex device which is on sale for just Rs.1999 in the Indian market.
Within sometime, we had the mini drones up in the air.
Drones never fail to amaze me.
Thanks to Srinath for making this possible.
Here is a video of these in action.

Moving around, I could see a really large crowd at one of the stations called Vibrant Hue, by Greema.

It was the Art station at Makerparty Chennai. Greema was kind enough to join us at the event in teaching people the basics of Art. Yes, art is not something that could be taught since it’s a skill. But this is skill sharing.
Here is a video of an amazing art by Greema.

People loved to get their hands dirty to make something amazing!

She also gave out many amazing works that were done on the spot. What more could one ask for

Aand the kids loved it!

Do check out more amazing art works at the Makerparty Chennai on Greema’s Official Facebook page:
Vibrant Hue art station at Makerparty Chennai
Another station that was crowded always was the 3D printing station by Redd Robotics.
Being a really new and upcoming concept, there were many people who came for the event to see what 3D printing was all about and they were all amazed! Thanks to Redd Robotics- our Hive partners at Mozilla India, for being a part of Makerparty Chennai.
We then had Prakash from Simple Labs with a demo of some really interesting devices and their applications which amazed me! What amazed me more than what I’ve seen is what I’ve heard of Prakash mostly because of Induino.
Check out this website if you’d like to know more about Induino: http://www.induino.com
So Makerparty and webmaker is all about teaching the web. The web is a really big place which could be unsafe. To tell us about staying safe on the internet and about Computer and network security, we had the super awesome Null community with us at the Makerparty. Thanks to Chintu for being the link to Null 🙂
Also, if you’re interested to know what written on his tee, it’s -HACKER, in Hindi 😀
Loved their little posters as well.
Here is the website if you wanna read more about Null Chennai:http://null.co.in/chennai
To tell us more about Open education, we had a Wikimedia station run by Mr.Pavanaja from CIS Bangalore.
The Wikipedia station was really informative and there were lots of people interested in getting to know how they could contribute to making the world’s largest public resource even better.
One of the most interesting stations at the Makerparty Chennai was the Game Design station by Arun, Varun and Cerlyn. We’ve always loved to play games. But ever wondered how a game is made? Or How ideas turn into designs and designs to animations?
There was a really good control flow in this station. Cerlyn talked about Game Design to the people. Once they’re done with that, the participants move on to Arun, who told them about Game Art. He puts your ideas into actual digital drawing.
They are then directed to Varun, who taught them Game programming. It was wonderful to see them explain all these in a detailed manner along with the small posters in the station.
Although it was late, we got a confirmation from Atmel. Atmel Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components.
They brought with them a lot of devices which actually showed us how our modern touch screen phones actually work.
Sincere thanks to Anu for being a part of Makerparty and bringing Atmel.
We’ve been hearing a lot about Augmented Reality since a while now. And we decided, we need AR right here at Makerparty Chennai. And voila!! We had a station for that as well!
DIY electronics calls out to the name BRIX! And yes, we had them too.
We also had individual makers who displayed a lot of stuff.
Arun Magesh, for instance, had something called as the MindBot!

Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. Doing cool things just my reading your brain waves!? Sounds impossible? We saw it live at Makerparty Chennai.

There were a number of people who wanted to try this on and see how it feels like to be able to control using your mind.

And we had a team from SRM university who came up with a Humanoid robot! I did have a few minutes to interact with the Robot who was too busy playing football. Just when he had some rest, I decided to click a picture.
So just when you think that you’ve seen it all, we had the GDG station! Yes! Google Developer Group-Chennai, one of the most active tech communities in Chennai.
What did they have to show!?
We had demo of Android wear, the smart watch!
A station on App Inventor: beta.appinventor.mit.edu and many more super awesome Google tehnologies.
OH! Wait! Did I just forget to tell you about the Google Cardboard
..and the Google Glass we had!?

Apart from stations, we even had talks on the “Version control using Git” by Jeyanthan and “Computer Security” by Null.

With around 700 attendees, this is one of the biggest MakerParty in India in the Makerparty period.

Finally, Group pics! 😀
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Event photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/116230719@N08/sets/72157647619592691/