Mozilla Learning at Darbar college

I’ve done a lot of events for Mozilla. Infact, I’ve lost count of the number of places I’ve spoken at. Most of these event requests come from college students/ school authorities. However, I was delighted to see an email from Mr.Praveen, an Assistant Professor in the Departmen of Computer Science at Smt. Kumudben Darbar College of Commerce, Science and Management Studies, Vijayapura (Karnataka State). It was interesting because of the fact that a teacher is interested in organizing a Mozilla event in their college for the students. We took the discussion forward and I got to know that he had read my previous blogpost on “How to organize an event“.
Little secret: I love it when people get in touch with me after doing a thorough study about whatever it is rather than messaging me- “bro, i wanna contribute to Mozzilla!Halp” He told me that he’s interested in organizing an event and asked me how we could take it forward. Things went on quite quickly and he had put up a team of student organizers for the event. I started from Bangalore at night and got there in at around 7 AM in the morning(9 hours from Bangalore). I was welcomed by Mehriz and his friend, both students of Darbar college. They took me to the hotel and we were discussing a lot of things on our way. Mehriz is an aspiring writer who wrote his first book called “HardwareNAMA”, inspired from the very famous Akbarnama . At around 10 AM Mr.Praveen, along with the students, came to pick me and go for the event. We met the principal Mr.Grampurohith. DSC_4745
It was indeed an eye opening discussion with him on why the Karnataka state government just focuses on Bangalore and not any other city, for that matter. Be it technology, startups, education- everything is concentrated into one city. Bangalore is a very competitive and fast moving place. A student from a small city like Bijapur from a small college, who migrates to Bangalore after completing his/her education, would find it hard to get a job. Competition from students in Bangalore+students outside Bangalore who come here for work.
He told me to stay in touch with the college post my session and also thanked me for taking the effort to travel and come to their college for the event.
DSC_4765We soon started off with a good crowd of around 70 students, although midway, we had more students coming in and unfortunately had to restrict some due to seating capacity of the hall. DSC_4760
The slide used for the presentation is attached below.

Kudos to the team of organizers for putting up such a great event with good logistics.
DSC03546Some of the insights from interacting with the students are as follows:

          • Everyone is interested in Technology
          • Knowledge they have is more theoretical
          • Minimum exposure to events
          • Barriers to contribute


Following up post event on the press report and future plan for the college. We had talked to the principal on generating more interest from people by conducting activities and sessions. The most exciting part of this conversation was to create a curriculum to integrate opensource and Web literacy in the educational curriculum. This serves as a beta test. If this works in Darbar college, we could replicate the model in the entire university level.
The students were really friendly and they came up to me and offered to take me around the city. It was a beautiful place with lots of amazing things to see. One wouldn’t find so many culturally and historically important things in a city like Bangalore. It’s always fun to explore the city with the locals, especially since I love hearing stories, rumors and facts.

As I was leaving Bijapur to Bangalore. I met a co passenger who asked me why I was a visitor(considering the fact that I was speaking in english to people who came to see me off). I told him everything about Mozilla and what I do and he was really impressed and said that he will contribute to Mozilla. I was a happy man!

Updates: We’re having a call on the 10th of September about integrating Web literacy  Curriculum into the college syllabus. Do let us know if you have ideas and thoughts on this.
Full set of photos on Flickr here.
Mozilla Reps portal event page:

Press Report in Kannada Newspapers:



5 thoughts on “Mozilla Learning at Darbar college

    • Thanks Akshay. I really appreciate that! We’re making a curriculum so that the college could incorporate it. If it works well within the college, the principal said that he would recommend it to Belgaum University as well.

  1. Praveen says:

    Bijapur is a districts place just like mysore and Historical place also..i worked in mysore under e- Goverence..and i think there is no difference between bijapur and mysore..only difference is it is near to bangalore..if mozilla works in mysore then why not it works in bijapur…

    Some political people and people like you..only give stress on metro citys…that make our country always in developing and not developed..even mysore side students or from your side(k) go to bangalore for searching jobs and more people are working in bangalore also they do daily journey from mysore to bangalore and more IT compaines are opened in bangalore only…why not they started IT compaines in mysore or others cities…even STPI provide all bangalore is only hub for all…a technology..we cannot blame our government or our politician for the policy to developed only in metros,actuslly we all make it as a fastest growing cities and making it to increase living cost to high in bangalore..even from chennai, hyderabad and kerala originated people are in bangalore for jobs..:) why not they get jobs in their city…

    please think if they people will not develop mysore then how can we accept other districts to develop..these things are very complex..on what basis we can say “entering Mozilla is bad”…and you are indian … no need to say “geography being a hidden hurdle”..we(bijapur) are not aliens..!!:):)

    • Interesting indeed. If the product of an IT company isn’t sold locally, it shouldn’t really matter where the product is developed. Maybe Infosys in Mysore is an example of this.

      We should figure out the problems people face when starting out something in a city that isn’t already a hub of such things and find solutions to avoiding those.

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