About Me

I’m an Open Source enthusiast. Interested in the field of computers part of organizations like IEEE Computer Society and Open Source Initiative. A Computer Science Engineering student by the day and Open web evangelist by the night. Goes around spreading the world of Mozilla and encouraging the use of Open Source products and live life the Open way. Loves teaching kids and initiated “KidZilla”, a project that aims at teaching underprivileged students about Computers, Internet and the working of the web. Working on initiating Webmaker Clubs in various schools in India. Interested in Webmaking-Yes! I’m a Webmaker mentor and I’m always available to talk about Webmaking/ projects/ teachtheweb, if you ever need me. Comms and PR– I love talking and interacting. Writing is my passion. If you’re even remotely related to the Communications and PR field, feel free to get in touch with me, we’ll work on something.
Community Building– I love to discuss about Communities and leveraging the possibilities of getting more contributors and giving people a better understanding about the various Projects in Mozilla. Feel free to shoot me a message and we could even meet in person to discuss more.
Mozilla Rep:

You can reach me at:fb.com/dunebuggie


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Siddharth Agrawal says:

    Hi, I am Siddharth from IIIT Bhubaneswar. I need to talk to you regarding the Mozilla Teaching Community. And yes your blog is really good and worth reading.

  2. Pranali says:

    Hi Shreyas, I am Pranali, a B.Tech.(System Science with CSE) student from IIT Jodhpur. Your work is really appreciable and inspirational. It would be my pleasure if i get a chance to know more about your experience with the Mozilla community. Following are my contact details:
    Contact no : [redacted by Shreyas]
    E-mail Id: pawar.1@iitj.ac.in

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