WoMoz Maker party.

On the 13 of March, Damini Oberoi, WoMoz from Sathyabama Firefox Club, conducted the very first Makerparty that was exclusively for girls.
Even though we planned to keep the event for around 60 people, we were amazed at the number of enthusiastic girls who wanted to attend, and hence, made the maximum to 90.

The event was restricted to the students belonging to CSE and IT department.

At around 9 am,the students settled down in the Digital Library of Sathyabama University.
I started off with an introduction about Sathyabama Firefox Club, FOSS, Mozilla and Web Literacy.

Damini then took over the session with WoMoz.

She told them about the various influential women all over the world and about Women in technology.

She started off by asking the students a question-How many of you think that there is a need of a separate platform for women to talk, share their views and learn more?
There were many students who raised their hands.

She then asked them why they felt for the need of a separate platform. This gave rise to the current situation and the existing male dominated system.
She asked them whether this was because girls aren’t interested in technology or they have lesser knowledge when compared to their male counterparts? The girls strongly disagreed to this!

She then told them about Women in Mozilla.

Later on, she mentioned about Webmaker. She explained to them various tools and how to work with them.

I told the students about Persona. From why it is used, to getting started with persona.
Everyone signed up for persona.

We then told them in a detailed manner on how to work with Popcornmaker, one of the tools they liked the most.
Everyone were told to create a video and save it.

This video was then judged later on based on their idea, number of events used and length of the video and idea conveyed.

We walked around helping the 90 students to get started with Popcorn. Many had doubts on what was the use of different layers. We explained to them the concept of layers in detail.

We had many wonderful makes from the students.

We had given a general topic as Women Empowerment.

From Mother Theresa to Malala, there were a variety of pictures in the popcorn makes and content.

Me and Shashank started judging the makes. Later, Damini joined.

Here are the makes from the event: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/womozmakerparty

We gave 3 Webmaker tees to the first, second and third, and many swags to the winners.

Introduction by Damini Oberoi (WoMoz)

Event photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/116230719@N08/sets/72157642305135244