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As I was writing my previous blogpost and checking out images from the Whistler Work week, I came across this one:
Mozilla learning Networks
I thought to add this in my previous post, but then I figured this is more important and needs a blogpost for itself.
If you’re reading this, you probably know that there’s been a lot going on with Mozilla Webmaker. Mozilla Webmaker previously acted as an important entry point to Mozilla contribution. The Webmaker project aimed at imparting Web literacy and education in a very hands on and participatory way. But the vision for this was is really huge! Like SUPER HUGE(in terms of Potential and Impact)!

This very much relates to Mark Surman’s blogpost on Mozilla Academy.

“Okay, cool! So what’s all this about? What is the end goal?”

All efforts of the Mozilla Learning Networks team funnels into the end goal of Universal Web Literacy.

So let’s dig deeper into the Mozilla Learning by splitting this into 3:

  1. Networks
  2. Groups
  3. Convening


Hive is an example of a Learning Network. It’s a constellation of communities around the globe that are championing digital skills and web literacy through connected learning.
It’s a peer to peer professional development network.
It catalyzes innovation through:

  • Curriculum
  • Practices
  • Projects
  • Collaboration
  • Funding

2. Groups:

A Mozilla Club is an example of a group. A Mozilla Club meets in person regularly to learn how to Read, Write and Participate on the Web through informal participatory activities & peer to peer mentorship. Interested in running a club? Sign up here.

We activate Regional Coordinators to recruit and support Club captains to successfully run their clubs.

3. Convenings:

There’s no explanation required here to say that Mozilla Festival is the biggest convening of educators, makers, hackers and technology enthusiasts. Mozilla Festival this year is from the 6th-8th of November.
It’s a platform and opportunity to network. It’s a converging of network leaders motivating educators to become regional leaders.

Maker Party(July 15-31,2015):
Maker Party serves learning by connecting with Mozilla Learning Network. Working with clubs by conducting learning events to identify and promote leadership and spreading Universal Web Literacy.

Interested in learning more about Mozilla Learning? Follow the wiki and watch the video below:


Hive Vizag

Hive Vizag Day 1:

I started from Chennai on 5th evening at 5pm. The bus departed 15 minutes late from Chennai. I was told that the bus would reach Vizag at around 8 am on 6th. The journey was pretty good but tiring. On reaching Vizag, I called Rajath, one of the point of contact that Vikas had arranged. He told me the name of the hotel as Royal Fort.
I got an auto from the bus stop and reached Royal fort. On reaching, I saw a guy sitting on the sofa near the reception wearing a Mozilla tee.
As I told my name to the reception, they told me my room number and also that the guy sitting there was my room mate.
I got introduced to him. He was Santosh Viswanatham, an FSA from Hyderabad. It later struck me that he had organized the App Days at Sreenidhi College recently.
I asked him if he was waiting for someone. He told me that Vineel had asked him to wait in the reception. He accompanied me to our room. We were discussing about how we contribute to Mozilla and I learnt that he was an App Developer for Firefox OS. I told him that I’m more into Community outreach, SuMo and that I’m a Webmaker Mentor and also initated KidZilla.
We realized that Gauthamraj and Ankit were in the same hotel, but since we did not have their contact numbers or know their room number, we couldn’t meet them. Later, Santosh got in touch with Gautham who told him that they were in a room on the same floor as ours. He went in to meet them while I took a shower. Later, I joined them. Gautham greeted me with a really awesome news that my video was chosen as the “Video of the month”! I was overjoyed to hear this!
We had some chit chat and later we got a call from the reception saying that Vikas and Vineel were in the reception waiting for us to join them for breakfast. We met them too and had breakfast. At around 10:40 am, we started off to Gitam University in the cab.
We were also joined by Pratheesh[Robo Inventions] and Surendranath Reddy[Redd Robotics]. It was really great meeting these two. Quadcopters and 3D printers are always a crowd puller where ever they go.

The view on the road was great with the Ghats on the left and the sea to the right. Vizag sure did get our liking for that!
The university was quite big. We were taken to the workspace of the GUSAC team. The place looked great and there were students working everywhere in keeping the pre-Hive spirits.

I was amazed at the way Vikas and his team were arranging and organizing things there. The amount of effort they had taken for Hive was really showing. Vineel, Ankit and Gautham started on planning how things should begin.

It was a “Train the trainers” session.
We were later taken to the auditorium where the event was to happen. We had all the volunteers and mentors of each station to assemble there. Vikas introduced Vineel, Gautham, Ankit, Santosh and myself.
We were given the ID’s that read “Super Mentors”. It was a really proud moment for us!

Ankit started with an ice breaking session. It was a spectrogram. He asked questions like “Is privacy important at all times. Does it really matter if some things were looked over”, “Is Open Source the best option at all times in every situation”. Interesting were the replies from the students and the session went really good. The last question he came up with was ” Do you think this Hive Vizag is gonna be the best Hive event ever!?” We had an amazing and enthusiastic reply for the same!
After this, we had a short lunch break after which the sessions resumed.

Later, Ankit started his presentation about the concept of Hive. It also had a video on the Mission of Mozilla.
The slides contained pictures from various Hive events across the world and it really motivated everyone.

After that, he told the students to get into their groups, sit with volunteers and discuss about what they were going to do in each station. Any random member from the team was to come and explain and answer three questions:

  • What is your station about?
  • What do you plan to do?
  • One thing you would like to take away

We had volunteers from all stations come up to the stage and answer these three questions.

After all this, we showed them something really special. It was video from Mark Surman wishing us all the very best with Hive Vizag. He also expressed his sadness in not being able to attend the event in person.
It was a really important and big video for all of us.

The volunteers and mentors were then given their ID cards and the Hive t shirts were distributed.
After this, the students began sticking the posters. I was amazed when Vikas told me that they had worked about over a month to complete 100+ posters. I took time in reading and snapping all the posters I could find. It was great! The time, effort and creativity portrayed in each one of them.

After this was done, we had a few trial makes with the 3D printer. It was really facinating to actually see it in action. It was the first time that I had seen a 3D printer for real. The little boy in me came out! In no time, I was hooked to it and began playing with the 3D models that Surendranath Reddy had made.

It was a long day. We all went back to the hotel and had dinner.

Everyone equally excited about the big day next day!

Hive Day #2

Me and Santosh woke up at around 6:30 am the next day. We were really excited about Hive. We got ready at around 7:30 am and Vineel and the rest of the team joined us for breakfast. Over to the other table we noticed a team of people and they had “KiDiHOU” printed on their t shirt. We knew that they were also coming for Hive Vizag.
Post breakfast, we got introduced to each other and we learnt that they are a Children’s learing museum based in Hyderabad. Got a lot to know about what KiDiHOU aims at.

We reached Gitam to see the Hive everywhere! The venue was filled with a lot of people with Orange colour Hive T shirts.Everyone working hard to set up the station and make the arrangements from decoration to setting it up.

While playing with the Android controlled Car, I met Galaxy.
Someone whom I really wanted to meet after hearing his name 😀

In total, there were 22 stations. Each one had their mentors and the volunteers.
Here are the links to the events:
Below is a walkthrough video to the stalls.

Though all the stations were amazing, something that I was really interested was the Stop Motion Animation as well as the sound editing.
I really like the Python and Arduino station too. It was really informative and opened new doors to the endless possibilities.
The Silk Screen Bandana and Hack the T shirt were really creative.
I was awestruck at the wonderful things they created at the Origami station. The amount of patience required to make something is great.

I looked into the Webmaker stations. There were some fascinating questions and doubts from the mentors. One asked me as to why Popcorn maker was dynamic and I told them about the flickr photostream that gets updated when we insert into the existing photostream. I also got to learn new techniques from them too. One of the webmakers asked me during the discussions as to what is the major difference between w3schools and thimble if both are HTML editors. I told them about the Open source concepts as well as the instant output which is shown in thimble. Also the major advantage of being able to share the makes in thimble. The satisfaction of having spread atleast some amount of knowledge was great.


Om, from the Python programming station, approached me saying that there were some students from a nearby college wanting to start a Firefox Club in their college. I was really happy to meet them. I told them all about Mozilla, FSA’s and Firefox Clubs. I also gave them my mail id and told them to contact me whenever they need.

It was soon time for the Quadcopter flight. We saw Pratheesh in action with the amazing Quadcopter. Seeing a quadcopter in real was something extraordinary!

When we came back , we had a Redd Robotics showdown with 3d makes.


A little while later, we saw the Mascot Fox come up into the venue! Everyone were really excited to see the mascot! All had a lot of fun with the fox and showered it with love.

We even had a Foxy dance!

Hive Vizag was truly one of a kind experience!
Truly, Explore+Create+Share

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